Unknown beauty…Praise the LORD of all creations..


Every day cannot be the same. Some days are good, and some bad. At least I feel bad, depressed and down on some days. An average Keralite resort to alcohol to get an artificial high on those occasions. The Government of Kerala makes around 50000000 indian rupees from these depressed souls, every day, depressing them further, in turn generating more revenues. When I look around Varapuzha, I do not see any signs of prosperity in any of those alcoholics homes. they are on a downward spiral. I think, as usual I deviated from the main topic.
During one of those low days, I decided to pick up my DSLR,, and walk along the banks of river periyar, and this beauty appeared from somewhere (god sent), and posed for me, resulting in this photograph, which helped me to get out of the low feeling, and hit a high again…



From the beginning, that is easily five decades back, a post office was functioning at thundathum kadavu, catering to the communication needs of Varapuzha citizens. Even today the office functions at the same building. The old post master’s quarters was in ruins. A welcome change was the presence of the ladies cycles of the post women. Entry of women into an area, which was otherwise dominated by men. The atmosphere is definitely much cleaner, and the staff more polished in their dealings. I was greeted by a familiar smell, the smell of the free supply of gum for those who wanted to paste something..may be a cover or a stamp. The table was also same…no changes….yes, it was nostralgic…

The St.Joseph’s monastery church, koonammavu. കൂനമ്മാവ് കൊവെന്താ പളളി






This is the most preferred church for us, for our Sunday mass. We prefer the evening mass, which starts at 4.30 p.m. Since there is a monastery attached to the church, there is variety in the service, as each priest’s style and substance is different. Most of them are highly educated, hence the sermons are ripe with meaning and message. A very peaceful place for worship. After the Sunday mass, priests listen to the confessions. This is the most preferred place of worship for me, in and around Varapuzha.