Phone numbers of churches in Varapuzha

St. George Church, Puthenpally –             0484 – 2512227

St. Mary’s Bascilica – 2351516

Arch Bishop’s house, Ernakulam – 2352626

St. Thomas pherona Church , Parur – 2442347

St. George Pherona, Edappally – 2344538

Chirist nagar church, chettibhagam – 2512288

St.Mary’s church, muttinakam – 2512212

St.Mary’s church, Thundathum kadavu – 2512345

Infant jesus church , Thundathum kadavu – 2512722

St. Augustin’s church , Kadamakkudi – 2512415

St. Mary’s assumptions church, ezhikkara – 2508126

St. Antony’s church, Valluvalli – 2512796

St. Antony’s Church, Kongorpilly – 2512720

St. George Church, Kongorpilly – 2512240

St. Joseph’s church, Neerikkode – 2512965

St.Mary’s church, Alangad – 2670135

Infant Jesus church, Kunnel – 2670380

St. Thomas church, Varapuzha – 2514231

St. Sebastian’s church, Kottuvally – 2512020

St. Sebastian’s Church, Neerikkode – 2513796

St. Philomina’s church, Koonammavu – 2512266

St. Mary’s church, Kottaparambu (Cheranellore) – 2430501

St.Joseph’s monastry, koonammavu – 2513095

Mount Carmel Monastry – Varapuzha – 2512219

St. George Church, Puthenpally  – Phone : 0484 2512227

St. Mary’s Church, Muttinakam  –  Phone : 0484 2512212

Mass timingsSunday 6.30 a.m, 9.00 a.mOther days 6.45 a.m NovenasMother Mary’s Nonena on Saturdays 5.15 p.mSt.Antony’s Novena on Tuesdays after the 6.45 a.m  mass

Mount Carmel & St.Joseph’s Church, Varapuzha

Mass timings :-

Sundays 6.a.m, 8a.m, 9.30 a.m and 5.00p.m

Week days  5.45 a.m, 7a.m

St.Philomina’s Church, Koonammavu

Mass timings :

Sunday – 6.a.m, 7 a.m  week days – 6 a.m, 7.15 a.m

Novena of B.Kuriakkose

Friday 7 a.m, 10.30 a.m and 4.30 p.m

15 thoughts on “Religious

  1. Dear Abrachan,

    Regret, you forgot to include the ST. THOMAS CHURCH VARAPUZHA AND THE THUNDATHUM KADAVU CHURCH. Anyway, your attemept to outline our varapuzha deserves congrats. I am prince from Varapuzha(Edampadam) and now settled in Mumbai.


  2. Hi Abrachan chetta..

    How on earth did u miss out our Christ Nagar Church ….

    Nice to see getting so many hit for our vzp sites..



  3. Hi,

    It is not that I missed out these churches. Since my schedules are getting more and more hectic, I could not spend enough time to photograph these churches, which are left out. Now since it is easter time, all these churches are getting painted, and i think I will shoot them during April. Thank you for visiting and posting your suggestions.

    Visit again, and contribute as much as you can.

    Best regards



  4. Dear,
    Abrachan, we were able to see your website
    we heartely congrulate you for the contributions given to your own
    Expecting more cotributions of our village muttinakam.

    thanking you
    well wisher,

    jonnie rockey


  5. Me Chandan Shenoy a varapuzha’ite, at present in GCC

    I am very proud to drive on your sites; really I love your website and very happy to read your experience and narrations about varapuzha and it is served in a good story manner. Please accept my sincere best wishes for your hard work and keep maintaining the site in a superior way.

    It would be great if you include all religious details and pictures in your website. Please treat this as a suggestion.

    Once again wish you all the best and all success in your life.

    With love and regards



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