Varapuzha fish

People rush to Varapuzha market to buy freah fish. Varapuzha fish is well known for it’s special taste, becuase they are raised in the back waters. They do not have the mud taste, and they are available fresh in kochi, as varapuzha and kadamakudy (cluster of 9 islands) are all on the suburbs of kochi city.

The most popular among Varapuzha fish is the pearl spot (Karimeen). Perl spot and prawns are my choice, and they are available almost round the year. Apart from these, there are Avoli, Kozhuva, Chemban, Urulan Vatta and other seasonal stuff. Of…I forgot to mention Crabs!.

As usual, when the demand increased, fish from other places found their way to Varapuzha market and sometimes the local and the imported fish are mixed as well. Only an experienced person will be able to make this out.

As a blessing in disguise, one startup company ‘Varapuzha fish hub’ has started home delivery of cleaned varapuzha fish. My wife is buying from them regularly since the first day of the startup. That itself is proof of their quality and prompt delivery.

Now they have started delivery of Mutton, Chicken and Quail meat as well.

There are some other people who are doing home delivery of Varapuzha fish. I am just observing them, before recommending them to others. For the time being, I can confidently recommend varapuzha fish hub for their quality, packaging and prompt home delivery service.

The web site of Varapuzha fish hub displays the availability and price which is updated promptly.

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