10 reasons to invest in property at Varapuzha now

  1. First and foremost is the timing. During this pandemic time, the real estate deals have slowed down, hence this is the right time to negotiate better and own your property at attractive rates.
  2. Varapuzha is just 30 minutes drive from the Kochi city, 15 minutes drive from the Lulu mall .
  3. It is very near to Aster Medcity and Matha Amrithandamayi Hospitals.
  4. Kochi international airport is just 30 minutes drive from Varapuzha.
  5. Most of the premium educational institutions have their bus service to Varapuzha.
  6. Varapuzha has sufficient number of churches, temples and mosques. The historic Puthanpally and Varapuzha churches are known for their ancient architecture. The Infant Jesus church (Kristhu nagar church), chettibhagam is known for it’s unique architecture.
  7. Varapuzha is blessed with good quality fresh fish. If you like to eat fish, there is no place to beat Varapuzha. The famous varapuzha market is well known for the local river / backwater fresh fish.
  8. Excellent tourist spots like the Kadamakkudy Islands, Cherai beach, Vypeen beach are very close to Varapuzha.
  9. Varapuzha has good number of home delivery services. Most of the leading home delivery companies deliver at Varapuzha. Apart from that there are many local shops and establishments doing home delivery in and around Varapuzha.
  10. Varapuzha is fast emerging as the supply hub to the entire Kochi city. Hence, is an ideal location for starting new ventures.


Puthan pally church, Varapuzha which is more than 200 years old
Christ nagar church, Chettibhagam, Varapuzha
St. George Church Puthanpally