My riverside cycle is five years old now.

When I opened Facebook today, this photograh popped up to remind me of the age of my cycle. Five years back, I went to decathlon kalamassery to buy the cheapest cycle. There I met some experts and they advised me to go for a slightly expensive one for my budget. I purchased this riverside, and absolutely no regrets. It survived the flood without any rust as the body is aluminium. A constant companion of mine while roaming around in Varapuzha. My special appreciation to the staff of Decathlon Kalamassery for their best support.

Me with David

The St.Joseph’s monastery church, koonammavu. കൂനമ്മാവ് കൊവെന്താ പളളി






This is the most preferred church for us, for our Sunday mass. We prefer the evening mass, which starts at 4.30 p.m. Since there is a monastery attached to the church, there is variety in the service, as each priest’s style and substance is different. Most of them are highly educated, hence the sermons are ripe with meaning and message. A very peaceful place for worship. After the Sunday mass, priests listen to the confessions. This is the most preferred place of worship for me, in and around Varapuzha.

Chemmeen (prawns) ularthiyathu, the one I cannot resist among the Kerala cuisine



Chemmeen Ularthiyathu  is my favorite among the Kerala cuisine. Varapuzha, blessed with it’s back waters is the home of  prawn  hatcheries. Kadamakudy, which is just a stone’s throw away is blessed with paddy fields, which is also used for prawns rearing for six months of the year. While Chemmeen (prawns) ularthiyathu is available in most of the restaurants (middle and upper), the best of it is available in the local toddy (kallu)  parlors.

Home coming! Somewhere below is my sweet home @Varapuzha


Home is everything. Having a place to go back at the end of the day, and having someone loving waiting for you, or to wait for someone you love adds meaning to life. My job related travels, allows me to fall homesick the moment I leave home, and to live a few days with the hope of home coming, which is a tremendous feeling. Only when you are away from the people and things you take for granted, one can appreciate the true value of them. For me, every homecoming is a new beginning with the familiar people, surroundings, cuisine and everything else….Thank you Lord, for giving me a home to go back….