Buying a mobile phone or tablet at Kochi

Whenever I wanted something urgently, Sea Breeze mobile in Kochi helped me. My association with them goes back to almost ten years or so. I remember buying my Nokia phones with the blackberry type shape. They were too good. Then I switched to Samsung note2, followed by other models. I like them because the owner is willing to listen to your needs and suggest the best phone. Sometimes he goes to the extent of advising you not to change your current phone, as it is a good one. This quality of his, drives me back to his shop again during all these years. Like every other city, Kochi has several other mobile shops, but Sea breeze mobile stores are special to me.

I called them last yesterday, after a gap of almost 2 years. This was for buying tablets for poor students as part of the charity work by Due to the pandemic, and the lack of import from China coupled with the increased demands due to online classes and the start of the new academic year, tablets are only scarcely available in the market. It is neither available in amazon and the flipcart. Then I called Sea breeze mobiles, and again it is the owner who attended my call and he has promised me five tablets which are competitive in pricing and quality and comes with a one year warranty. I will update this article once I receive them.

Sea Breeze Mobiles

Shop No : 50, GCDA Complex, Near Marine drive,

Kochi, Kerala 682 031 Opens at 10. am and closes by 9 pm

Phone : 09995597878

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