Christmas countdown at varapuzha

K.papachan’s shop is synonymous with Christmas at varapuzha. The K is very significant because that is the first alphabet of his nickname which is a  brand by itself. From my younger days onwards this is one shop which is the place to shop during Christmas. Am i admitting the fact that I am old?

. When I quote from my younger days, I am just wondering how old pappachan might be now. Never mind, he still looks the same. Age has not caught up with him yet. As usual, as if announcing the arrival of one more Christmas, pappachan stop is decorated with vibrant coloured stars, along with a range of Christmas tree and crib artefacts. The famous varapuzha market must be really active by now with added demand for fish, pork, beef, chicken and duck. Without a table full of these, what is christmas, that is the attitude of the average varapuzha citizen. Last week when I visited varapuzha, some of the churches were getting ready for Christmas by having a fresh coat of paint, as if a beautician was applying makeup to a bride. I am anticipating the long queue in front of the couple of wine stores we have. As usual there will be carols and crib competitions in the half a dozen churches we have. Dear varapuzha, I am coming to capture the warmth of another Christmas. Iam sure about sree durga theater playing a block buster mammootty or mohanlal movie. Advance Christmas greetings to every varapuzhakkaran. Like all other posts this post is also under evolution, so keep visiting again.


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