Christ nagar church and Father Pallan


Late Rev. Father Pallan was indeed a visionary, who dared to experiment with this complex architecture of this church around four decades back, when modern construction techniques were not available in my tiny village. He got the model of this church from somewhere outside India, and he decided to give it form and shape, when the opposing factors like non availability of technology, insufficient funds and non availability of skilled manpower etc. He was hell bent on completing this project, and it did get over, even though it took a while for him to complete it. Father Pallan was a very tall figure both in physique and thoughts. He used to smoke cigar once in a while. Had an adopted son, and was fond of dogs. If my memory is right, he had a couple of  labradors and some dashhunds. Today, Christ nagar church at Varapuzha is one of the major landmarks. Thanks to Father Pallan, his visions and the will power to complete it. We have a lot to learn from him.

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