A BIG thanks to the Kerala Police

Like any other organization, there can be good and bad people within the Kerala Police also, and very often only the bad stuff gets highlighted. I am sure that every day they are doing thousands of good deeds, which never gets highlighted, where as most of the bad ones gets a front page coverage in news papers.

Again coming back to Malayala manorama dated 21/Apr/2007, the front page caption is Abhishek Bachan’s wedding with Aishwarya Rai.. and the next column is the suicide attempt by Abhishek’s old flame. I am sorry to see Manorama scooping to this level, to increase their circulation.

I think Iam deviating from the main topic. The good deeds by the Kerala Police. Yesterday I was driving down to Kochi from Coimbatore and it was raining heavily. One the way, there was a road block becuase a trailer lorry met with an accident and blocked the whole road. It was pouring heavily, and a young team of Kerala police swung into action, when all of us were just taking shelter from the heavy rains in our vehicles. Within one hour the entire road block was cleared by these smart young guys from the Kerala Police. Thanks a ton to them, for their brilliant work, to serve the public.

Here is a caption written on the plice jeep ‘POLITE and FIRM’

Keep up the good work, dear friends!

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