Unsung citizens – Remembering Varthu

Whenver I see him, I use to greet him by saying ‘Varthe veruthe kallu kudikkaruthe….’ (dont drink toddy without any reason…).  Varuthu was our dear worker (in the farm), who was always in a drunken state. He had enough reasons to drink. He was a widower, who looked after their one and only daughter. In fact his entire life was for only his daughter, just to see her married to a decent guy (in kerala, dowry system is even now very strong). Every body liked varthu becuase he never complained about anything, he never hurt any one…. he just worked hard and drank harder. He could see his daughter married. One day he fell down into a stream, when he was fully drunk and died. I loved Varthu when he was alive (I was a boy then). He had  a special place in me, even now he has. I still remember his innocent smile. I just love him. I cannot forget him. I am sure that he is enjoying in heaven, with the Lord. He could only love others.

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