The Gents beauty parlour @ Mannamthuruth

The service is great!

We have only one gents barbar shop at Mannamthuruth, which is a one manshow. The man who owns the shop is a living encyclopedia of malayalam movies. While he freaks out on your head, the discussions can range between the life styles of Mamooty and Mohanlal the super heroes to their mannerisms, likes and dislikes and a narration on the latest movies, why it is a flop or a hit, what kind of roles will fit whom…….to morality, religion, alcoholism, Bush’s policy on Iraq, The volley ball giant Pappan etc…etc…. Even others waiting for the next cut will take part in these discussions, and the babar shop gets converted into a platform for discussing social, cultural and political issues…… If I have to rate this babarshop…it is a five star babarshop not due to the convenience part (it is actually a small room), but due to the depth of the discussions happening there, and the hair cut happens by its own……Overall a very pleasant experience….. Oh, i forgot to add this…An hair cut and shave together costs you Rs.35/- 🙂

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