Wish you all a very happy 2007

On behalf of all from Varapuzha, I wish you a very happy new year 2007.

I am just thinking about the impact of new year on me. Usually people consider New year as a time for new beginnings. People make resolutions. I am no exception. When I look back to see the effect of these resolutions, the results are not that encouraging. So far none of these resolutions had any long lasting impact on me.

Something that is really working for me is my quest to discover something better. And when this happens, I loose my craving for the lesser. This way I am able to maintain a very positive state most of the time.

This new year, for a change do not make any big resolutions. Dare to experiment with the better. And when you find something better, do not hesitate to say bye to the lesser and the same time be grateful to the lesser.

Wish you a very happy year 2007 !

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