laughter & forgiveness of plain people

We lived our childhood kingsize, in the undivided land of Varapuzha. Now it is all fragmented and is  full of boundaries built by men. Thoothan is a simple soul from yester years, who still belongs to the past. He is the only person who remembers the onakkali songs, pana – a kind of christian devotional songs. My efforts to record them get postponed as both me and Thuthan are busy and have lots of better things to do. Of late we fought over a small issue and after that could not meet for a while. Before christmas I wanted to talk to him and could not as he was in deep sleep under the influence of alcohol. To my surprise he came to my house today morning, gave me a beedi (local cigar) to smoke and said sorry. We shared a piece of cake ans thats it…both are again in laughter…..laughter of plain people….it comes easy……..To see a photo of Thoothan, click on the flicr photos on the right 🙂

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