A holiday in solitude with the trees and plants @ Varapuzha

I am on a vacation at varapuzha, away from the busy schedules. This time I decided on a very silent vacation, doing things which normally I dont do. That means, not doing the stuff, which I normally do. It is a very slow vacation with an even slower life. I think, life need not be very fast. Ultimately what is the purpose of life?.

The ground water levels at Varapuzha is receding and in December itself, the water levels in the wells and ponds are pathetic. Thanks to the sand mafia, who dug the heart of Periyar river. When the depth of the river increases, the water levels of the banks recedes. Now we are are thinking of digging a bore well. That will be the first dagger on the flora here. people are just waiting to emulate. One bore well means another 100 bore wells, which will eventually deplete the water levels further. That is future. Let us not worry about it too much.

Have you ever experienced a very slow life of late?. When was that?. It is not a bad idea to take a break and be with the plants and trees, watering them, talking to them……and even praying for their wellbeing !. I think that is real prayer, and we are created for creation by the creator !

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